Our Chief Wordsmith is Michael Roy Neer.   He has published, edited, and written many kinds of copy for businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions. He has also written two novels, one nonfiction book, and a variety of newsletters. He has won awards for his journalism, newsletters, and teaching. His wide range of experience, and his ability to tune in to the needs of your project, will make him a good partner for helping you make “your words convey more.” 


6 magazines
4 directories
7 books
7 newsletters


6 magazines
4 directories
7 books
7 newsletters
100s of K-12 lessons


2 novels
1 nonfiction book
2 booklets
1 CD
Dozens of free-lance articles
Copy for many websites
Marketing copy for businesses
Press releases
White papers


Silver Medal for Junah Tales novel (2018)
Amazon Best Seller in 2 categories
for Elixir of Freedom novel
Instructor of the Year (2011)
A Class Above Instructor (2010)
Rock Star Teacher Award (2008)
Information & Inspiration Award (1989)
Outstanding Journalistic Achievement (1986)